"Thanks for the kindness and patience you have shown me… and for helping me live more happily in my body."

A.B., Federal employee

"Thank you so much for your help…My back is back to normal and I have no pain. I feel so much better-You did miracles."

J.S., Psychologist

"Thank you for everything you have put into helping me, caring for me and teaching me. You have had an enormous positive impact on my life and have influenced me to take better care of myself and even to change my perspective on life. Wow, it's a lot and it's all true."

D.R., Law Student

"My back and the ‘sciatica' down the left leg seems to be better. I am grateful. I continue to feel that the Alexander method has been very helpful."


Live the Life you Love

We've all done it. Got up too fast. Turned too quickly. Reached too far. Lifted too much. And the classic - slept funny. No matter who you are or what you do for work or play, your body is always being asked to perform. Whether performance for you means common everyday tasks or challenging athletics, your body can be stressed and that's no way to live.

Washington Health and Healing can help you Live the Life you Love by getting you stronger to prevent injuries and by developing customized treatment programs if an injury has already occurred.

Based in Washington DC, we're a physical therapy and Alexander Technique practice that offers an integrated approach and extraordinary care to help you return to and maintain your best self.

We offer:

  • one-on-one treatment sessions so that you get the dedicated attention you need to properly diagnose and treat your particular condition.
  • a soothing and comfortable care environment enabling you to engage in the right healing mindset the moment you walk through our doors.
  • physical therapist and Alexander Technique teacher, Gabrielle Czaja, MPT, mATI, so you can be confident in the quality and range of care being provided.
  • expertise in chronic back and neck pain, youth and sports related injuries, and limited movement conditions associated with aging enabling you to have access to a wide range of services from one healthcare provider.